Healing stone descriptions

Healing stone descriptions

 Agate: Strength and courage to deal with what life has to offer.  Agate is one of the oldest stones in history.

Apatite: Clears confusion and stimulates intellect and personal growth.

Alabaster: Alabaster is known to stimulate meditation.

Amazonite: A stone of truth, honour and integrity and will help to enhance intuition, a soothing stone, and aids in communication.

Amethyst: February birthstone. Calmness, balance, and peace, mental clarity and wisdom, helps with anxiety.

Aventurine: Well-being and emotional calm.

Bloodstone: Purify and detoxify the body, also grounds negative energy.

Blue Sodalite: Order and calmness to the mind.

Brazilian Aquamarine:  Courage, calming energy that reduces stress and quiets the mind.

Bronzite: Protection sends back the negative energies to the sender.

Calcite: Amplifies learning abilities.

Chrysoprase: Promotes joy and happiness.

Citrine: November birthstone. It can help to overcome depression, release anger, and be effective in communication. 

Coral: Absorbs negative energy, helps with balance. It is known to strengthen the circulatory system.

Dumortierite: Take control and increase patience.

Fluorite: Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress, increases powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making.

Garnet: January birthstone. It is the stone of physical love and relationships.  It is known to help with circulation and all blood related issues.

Hematite: Hematite is the connection to earth which makes us feel safe and secure.

Hemimorphite: Stone of forgiveness helps with the release of anger and resentment.

Howlite: Healing, patience, calmness and helps with anxiety.

Canadian Jade: Growth, vitality and longevity.  It is also known to help ease anxiety.

Jade: Balance, mental clarity, helps to reach potential and ease anxiety.

Jasper: Grounding, stability and strength and energy.

Labradorite: Perfect for anyone who is going through a period of change, it is known to strengthen intuition.

Lapis Lazuli: Repels negative energy, balances throat chakra, helps thyroid.

Larvikite: Renew and maintain vitality and youthfulness.

Lava:  Strength and courage, allowing stability through times of change. Grounding stone.

Magnetite: Attracts love, commitment and loyalty. It alleviates negativity such as fear, anger and grief. 

Moonstone:  June birthstone. A stone of new beginnings, growth and inner strength. 

Morganite: Universal stone of unconditional love, it helps to attract and maintain love.

Obsidian: A grounding protective stone, removes negative energy.

Onyx: Helps to release negative emotions and improve self-confidence.

Opal: October birthstone.  It is the stone of sympathy and compassion.

Pyrite:  Very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds.

Quartz: Improve moods, overcomes negative emotions, and help to relieve depression. Quartz is known as a master healing stone.

Rose Quartz: Chakra stone. Wards off and clears away negative energy, chakra stone of unconditional love and is a healing stone.

Smoky Quartz: Grounding and cleansing.

Red Aventurine: Balances emotions, soothes anxiety and stress.

Rhodonite: It is known as the stone of love and compassion.

Rhyolite:  Enhances self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect, deepens the acceptance of our true self.

Snowflake Obsidian: Chakra stone. Balance body, mind and spirit, base Chakras.

Sunstone: Helps with leadership as well as decreasing stress.

Tigers Eye: Chakra stone. Harmony and balance, helps to uncloud emotions, Chakra stones for protection.

Tourmaline: Very uplifting and is a powerful grounding stone.

Topaz: Joy, generosity, abundance and good health.